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Felt Language Of The Incas – Inca Knots Decoding Progress

A remarkable discovery was made in 2017, regarding the ever-mysterious Inca quipu (pronounced: key-poo). The quipu or khipu is an intricate system of colorful strings and knots, with each color and knot

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Best Hotels In Ollantaytambo – Sacred Valley Hotels

Nestled in the centre of the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo is a fantastic little town that provides a great destination to stopover en route to Machu Picchu.The town is conveniently situated near the railway

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MIT Digitizes Machu Picchu Sanctuary

Machu Picchu was once an incredibly beautiful city. While the lost city may be in ruins now, the craftmanship of the stonework has remained stunning after thousands of years, lending credence to the true

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Best Hotels In Cusco Peru – Cusco Accommodation Options For Hikers And Travelers

We know that looking for accommodation in Cusco can be a little daunting as there is so much choice.Below we have tried to distil out the Best Hotels in Cusco across three categories: cheap and

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Best Hotels In Aguas Calientes Peru – Budget To Premium Options!

Aguas Calientes, also know as Machupicchu or Machupicchu Pueblo, is the bustling town that sits below the ruins of Machu Picchu. The town was named Aguas Calientes by the Spanish as there are hot springs

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South American Blogs And Other Sites We Love And Recommend

Beyond Machu Picchu there is so much to see and do in Peru and across the whole of South America. Far too much to cover in this specific guide website on Machu Picchu. To help you find useful information

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Things To Do In Cusco – The Ultimate List Of Fun And Interesting Ideas

Cusco, or Cuzco (Spanish) and Qosqo (Quechua), was once the capital of the Incan empire and is today the capital of the Cusco Region and Province. Cusco is the centre of the Quechua culture, a UNESCO

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Paragliding Cusco – The Ultimate Sacred Valley Adventure Experience

Paragliding Cusco provides unrivalled views of the Sacred Valley, and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled experiences you can do in the region. But before you go ahead and book

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Inca Trail Cost – How Much Does It Cost To Visit Machu Picchu

The first thing you might have noticed in doing your research on the Inca trail trek is the shear number of trekking companies on offer and variety of Machu Picchu trekking prices. In this article we have

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Alternative Inca Trail Treks That Rock

Trekking to Machu Picchu is a dream adventure for many people, with the Classic Inca Trail featuring as the most popular route to the famous site. But its popularity has its downsides as well. Here are

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